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The Three-in-One Wedding Package

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WedInSriLanka presents Three-in-One wedding package for those of you who want a first class wedding which gives you adequate flexibility to plan the perfect wedding at the best possible price with little or no effort on your part in the planning process. You simply select the number of guests, hotel of your choice, (Hotel Menu prices are the same as in the wedding plan. It is possible for you to get a lesser price by selecting the items on a menu and cut down prices, we will work with you, all other prices are packaged with little flexibility) a wedding date and a few other items. You may request any extras at your expense. The date and time of wedding should be flexible. Please note that slight changes on package prices are possible without notice. Once agreed and accepted, the prices will not change. By choosing, Silver, Gold or Platinum, you will be choosing the degree of sophistication you expect of the wedding. EG. Expensive flowers and decoration, the use of more expensive professionals etc. It is always possible for you to work with us and we will be flexible to an extent possible to finalize a package for you. ALL PRICES ARE IN SRI LANKAN RUPEES  

If the package does not suit you, We encourage you to also visit our,

Browsing these plans and saving them are provided FREE Plans are saved in "MY Home Page" and will be available for you to revisit by logging in again. Once you open an account for free you can save as many plans as you wish. When you decide on your plan you may initiate an order or call or contact us for more details. You can also visit our FAQ's and Policies. Coordination and planing starts only when the initiation fee is paid and you register for planning

* The online wedding plan is unique and completely flexible. It is simply a good planning and budgeting tool that you should visit, submit and save without obligation. You can save as many plans as you wish and re-visit them on "My Home Page" after logging in with your email and pass word.

** The Simplified Stylish Weddings are meant for Brides and Grooms who have an excellent knowledge of what they need and the professionals that they need to retain to coordinate a sophisticated, top of the line wedding, exactly how they want it done.

WE DO WHAT WE SAY WE DO. WedInSriLanka is dedicated to wedding planning homecoming receptions, honeymoon including travel. What we are not, is an advertising agency. We work with selected Professionals as listed in our Professionals list. The packages are done by selected professionals that have agreed to keep the costs to a minimum. Please log in and obtain your account for FREE and save multiple plans to "My Home Page" and compare and contrast them in the confines of your home, where ever you live. Wedding Planning is serious business for any couple contemplating marriage.  

Wedding Date
<June 2017>
Wedding Time:

01. Hotel:
02. No. of Guests:
03. Studio photos:
04. Wedding cakes (In 3 wrappings):
05. Bridal bouquet, headdress & boutonniere:
06. Going away bouquet, headdress & boutonniere:
07. Homecoming bouquet, headdress & boutonniere:
08. Bridal dressing with makeup:
09. Decorated settee back:
10. Oil lamp and decoration:
11. Entrance stands:
12. Decorated Prouwa:
13. Decorated Church:
14. Decorated Kovil:
15. Poruwa ceremony complete with dancers, drummers, etc.:
16. Church ceremony with choir:
17. Kovil Ceremony with Mandap:
18. Cake Structure:
19. Music DJ or One Man Band:
20. Photograph album:
21. Car for bride (80 km & 8 hours):
22. Car for groom and goingaway (80 km & 8 hours):

The following packages are available based on your selections. Click on a price tag to select the desire package. You current selection appears highlighted.

295,000.00 LKR
356,000.00 LKR
430,000.00 LKR

Additional Requests:

Please note that the hotels need to be available on the date & time you have chosen. Only registered users can save or submit orders. To use these services, please register for a FREE account, or login if you are already a member. This package will automatically be saved when you login/register.

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