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For your convenience we are listing some of the extras that are available in the hotels. We can help you to arrange these or any other items of interest to make the reception unique and memorable.



Ice carving
Cake structure
Champagne Fountain
Bubble Machine

Action stations:

Kottu, Hoppers,
Roast lamb leg,
Fried, battered prawns,
BBQ items,
Chicken, prawn
Or meat kebabs
With Satay sauce
Feather Fountain a
fountain dripping with

Lawn & garden parties

With Marquee
Or a Canopy for the food or BBQ
Garden lamps
Hurricane lanterns or
Copra lamps
Electrical lighting system.
Beach huts
With lighting system
Calypso bands to entertain the guests

Extra floral Arrangements

For tables
Pond with foliage


Fairy lights or Jet lights
On the hotel pillars,
Inside and at the
Entrance and outside
Spot lights,
Flickering lights,
Disco ball
And probe light.


Extra Kandyan
Extra drummers
Extra dancing girls
With lamps
To greet the bride
Or groom at the

Elephant ride
For groom from
The car park area
To the hotel entrance
Accompanied with
Drummers and dancers

Vintage cars

For going away
Blue Riley,
Green fiat,
White ford saloon,
White convertible
Decorated Pony Cart

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