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Important Wedding Planning Tips just for you

  1. Select the Date
    Consult our experts for a Neketh day Horoscope matching/Reading
  2. Select the Reception Hall/Hotel/Church/Poruwa ceremony /
    ( www.traditionalporuwa.com )
  3. Plan your vacation and inform your employer
  4. Call the airline agent and reserve the flights (See our professionals list)
  5. Invitations/number of guests/design and number of invitations
  6. Select the Bridal Party
  7. Select the Grooms Party
  8. Select a color scheme
  9. Number of wedding cakes
  10. Photography and Albums
  11. Design of the cake structure
  12. Flowers and Décor
  13. Music and Dance troops/Select your favorite songs
  14. Dresses/Dress making and Dressing
  15. Transportation/Air Port to Hotel etc.
  16. Select luxury cars for Bride & Groom
  17. Choose the Honeymoon Resorts
  18. The rings and ring bearer
  19. Paper work and Marriage Registry
  20. Remember the papers you need to bring for registering the marriage.
  21. If Church wedding remember the Baptismal Certificates/Certificates from the parish etc.
  22. Visit our free online plan for a no obligation estimate and save the plan.
  23. Remember the Password to revisit "My Home Page"
  24. Go to our professionals, list to make your choices and let us know your choices when submitting the plan.
  25. When you register and initiate planing you will receive a Brochure & Planning Guide .  

Our professional planners will handle the coordination with your plan in mind. A wedding is generally a one-time celebration. It needs experts to plan. Friends and relatives cannot plan a wedding like the professionals do. The timing and coordination cannot be given to those who are a part and parcel of the celebration.  (“too many cooks spoil the soup” is very much a reality here) They need to relax and celebrate as much as the bride and groom who will be the center of this celebration. Save your time, money and vacation time for this one time celebration. Most of all, have a well planned wedding. We are the # One on line wedding planner. Our Poruwa sites may also help you. please visit them.   

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