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Simplified Stylish Weddings

Packaged your way
Please read carefully

For those who wish to plan their wedding with us in a question and answer format we have prepared a simple questioner that can be completed and saved or submitted to us. This format can be used by clients who have a clear idea of their specific requirements in mind. Before you complete this form please brows the form, the list of professionals and our Wedding Planner Pages. To commence serious planning you are required to pay our deductible retaining fee.

You can select the professionals from our list of professionals but we may propose others if they are not available or if the fees are not right for you. The services of the professionals and the Hotels, Churches etc. have to be booked at this stage according to availability. If you want to make sure that they are available for the wedding date you will have to book them by paying their retaining fees. Once you agree and accept the package prices you are required to pay 80 % (Less any advances paid to book the professionals) to order the package and the balance prior to two weeks of the wedding date. Please visit our Terms Conditions and Privacy Statements and FAQ’s for more general details. We are serious wedding planners, the best of its kind.

Please also visit: Wedding Planner Pages and save a plan for free. Once you obtain a password, you can save all plans which will be saved in "My Home Page" for you to re-visit. For Vaction Travel please visit www,lankatravels.com

Please note that we will package the wedding plan as you agree to each item and keep the package cost fixed. Any changes may change the price and allowed only if such changes can be accommodated. This is our most sophisticated planning tool

The highlighted items are mandatory and must be completed. Submit your plan at least 12 months prior to wedding date.

We will give you a preliminary estimate within two weeks and agree on a coordination fee, if you are happy, you have to pay our deductible initiation fee of USD 500.00 to start planning

With a FULL ORDER we will give you a complimentary unedited DVD of the full ceremony  

Misuse of this site may cause us to block your access permanently  

PERSONAL INFORMATION (Items marked * are mandatory)
Applicant’s full name **
Relationship to Bride/Groom:* *
Applicant's Telephone #:* *
Date of Application (dd/mm/yy):* *
Date and time of wedding (dd/mm/yy):* *
Groom's full name and address:*
Groom's Telephone #:
Bride's full name and address:* *
Bride's Telephone #
Contact in Sri Lanka with Phone #:
Parents attending #: (Give details from which side they are)
Grand Parents Attending (Give details from which side they are)
Any others in bridal/wedding party # (Give details)
City or Town preferred for wedding Reception.(Outstation weddings may entail extra charges)
Hotel preferred? You can also select Sulanga Outdoor with Canopy (Visit Photo Gallery = Sulanga Photos)
Is the wedding to be in the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu or Muslim Tradition? (Specify here and enter details below)
Temple/Church/Muslim location preferred (Specify or select from Professionals list, Reception and Ceremony should be in close proximity to each other)
Number of guests? (Please include band, photographers, Videographer, and coordinators around 10 pax)
A traditional dress. Sari/other? (Give details) Bride
Brides maids (Give details)
Flower Girls (Give details)
Grooms Suit etc/Traditional Kandyan etc. Give details
Bridal dressing? (Give your preferences)
Flower girls #:(Give number and detail requirements)
Best man/Groomsman #: (Specify in detail)
Page boys #: (Give number and requirements)
Bouquets # (this is for the whole bridal party)
Color scheme or theme (Please give some details)
Reception décor (specify each)
Floral – any preferred florist (Give detail preferences)
Decor for Poruwa, Mandop structure or Church décor (Please specify)
Décor for tables, head table for bridal troupe or settee back, entrance
Preferred flowers (Name the flowers and color)
Professional Photography? (Any preferred photographers?)
Main Album of 50 pages /old style /new storybook style (Give any specifics)
No. Of other albums (Specify # of pages etc.)
Studio or Portraits in B/W (Specify)
Studio or Portraits in Colour (Specify any special requirements)
Thank you post card size photographer (will be given during the ceremony)
Professional Video/DVD (Any preferred Videographer) & # of Copies
For bride or groom’s cars (give details)
Bridal Bouquet
Brides Head Dress
Going-away Bouquet and Head Dress
Homecoming Bouquet and Head Dress
Home Coming Bouquet and Head Dress
Brides Maids Bouquet and Head dress
Flower Girls Bouquet and Head Dress
Page Boys Boutonniere
Extra boutonnières and corsages or hair décor
Full band and vocals Band 1 piece, 2 piece or 3 piece, 4 piece
Music and DJ (See below)
CAR SERVICE (Bride/Groom/Other & streamers)
For bride or groom’s cars (give details)Do you need a car service, from: (See below)
Do you need a car service for others in the party (See below for airport travel)
Do you need a wedding cake? (Dummy Structure/ edible structure give details)
Cake boxes or bags? (Give # design etc)
How many pieces of cakes do you need for serving your guests? (You may like to have extra cakes)
Do you need invitation cards? If so how many do you have specific design? (all cards come with envelops)
Do you need RSVP service in Sri Lanka?
Do you need thank you cards?
Champagne, Wines (Red, White) Beer etc. (Give quantity of each)
Engagement Rings/Necklace/Wedding Bands etc. (cannot be packaged)
RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES (See below for Poruwa)
Catholic/Christian/Hindu/Muslim? (Specify with venue selected)
Church decorated/Pews/Alter/Etc. (Specify)
Music/Music Sheets/Choir/Vocalist
Mondop/Kovil/Décor/Priest etc. (Specify requirements)
(Hindu) Garlands for ceremony, ceremony items, welcome table, kolam décor, special sweets during the ceremony.
(Muslim) Bridal throne, special meal, sweets for ceremony
Supply of material/Master of Ceremonies/Jayamangala Girls/ Hakgedi/Kandyan Dancers/Drummers etc
Honeymoon suite. (In which part of the country do you prefer)? (Name the resort and number of days)
The airport to your destination (Cannot be packaged)
For other traveling and sight seeing. (Cannot be packaged)
For Travel please try www.ethelton.com travel planner
Please specify if you have any other special requirements.

Please specify if you have any other special requirements.
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