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Wedding Planning Tips

why you need a wedding planner of our standing

Here are a few reasons how you could actually save money by retaining WedInSriLanka Incorporated (USA), WedInLanka Services, (PVT) Ltd. Sri Lanka.

1. You get the lowest prices: Every good wedding planner has exclusive relationships with all the prominent vendors and service providers and Professionals. With repeated business already negotiated and placed with them, you will get the lowest prices that you could never be able to get from them directly. By providing repeated business we get the best service from them at negotiated “unpublished” lower rates that pass on to our clients. This means that WedInSriLanka can get you special offers, discounts & rebates for the clients we introduce, so that you don’t have to spend time shopping around for deals.

2. We work for your budget: An experienced wedding planner; is like a financial adviser or an accountant, who specializes in weddings. They have a clear idea of what percentage of a clients budget should be allocated to each area in the plan and how best to accomplish it.

3. You get the best quality: Wedding planners only work with trusted and qualified service providers and always guarantee the best service. You are just a one-time customer to service providers or vendors but wedding planners by introducing repeated customers to them get the best quality service from all the providers & vendors.

4. You will save your money: Wedding planners know what’s important and what is necessary and what is not and give their best suggestion so that you don’t waste your money on things you don’t need and not important. Also, you don't have to worry about the hidden expenses of unnecessary travel, telephone calls, etc.

5. We are obliged to listen to you: Sometimes, all the well-meaning advice given by friends and family can get a little out of hand. You have everyone giving you contradictory advice on how things “should” be done at YOUR wedding. A planner will listen to YOUR vision and help you create what YOU want, not what your Aunt Matilda wants. Sometimes, advice from a friend is good, but advice from a planner is always great.

6. We have back up plans and are ready even for mishaps: Let’s be honest, as much as you would like your day to run exactly as planned, it’s nearly impossible to make that happen without someone there to run the day. Who is going to make sure the professionals arrive on time, the tables are set according to your vision, the cake isn’t melting, the groom has his pants for his tuxedo, and the groomsmen are where they need to be? On your wedding day, you should be focusing on getting your hair done and putting on that beautiful gown, surrounded by friends and family, not on the phone talking to the DJ who can’t find the venue.

7. Most importantly we will get the stress away from you and let sanity prevail: Let’s face it, planning a wedding is hard work! A wedding planner will take on all the stress so you stay relaxed. Your planner will be the point of contact for all the various vendors and respond to the countless phone calls and emails. Planners are there to remember all the details and ask the right question so you get exactly what you want. Plus, a planner will be there on your big day to make sure everything runs according to plan so you can enjoy every minute. Things just don't happen, they have to be meticulously planned with one coordinated effort.

Why should you hire WedInSriLanka as your wedding planner? Because we are;

1. Reliable & transparent: As the first online wedding planner in Sri Lanka and a registered company in Sri Lanka and USA since 2001 we have maintained our reputation to the best level unlike other come-and-go planners. We will maintain all the bookkeeping work using latest technology and you will see every transaction and agreement we make in real time online on your secure home page.

2. Creative & Prompt: We have a team of energetic coordinators at every level and always share the best ideas for every wedding when planning. We have also fully synchronized our communication system and most emails will be answered within 24 hours, guaranteed.

3. Flexible & Dependable: We just don’t force you to go with one vendor but will provide several options for your requirements also ready to communicate with your own contact that you may suggest. With our 13 year experience, we will guarantee that you will receive the best services to make your wedding a memorable one.

4. Dedicated to wedding planning: We are dedicated to personalized wedding planning, wedding anniversary receptions, honeymoon and related travel and definitely not an advertising agency.

Congratulations !!!

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